Monthly Discussion Group 7/28/19

07/28/2019 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM ET


Monthly Discussion Group


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Private Home
Wilton, CT
United States of America


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Join your fellow Forum members for an informal discussion of a global issue once a month. The purpose is to socialize and discuss critical issues of the day. Drinks and food will be available. The discussion is an hour with networking opportunities. As always, our discussions are a ‘no homework’ event, an opportunity for WAF members to share our common interest in world affairs.


"Beyond the Politics, What Exactly is American Nationhood?"

(What do different answers mean for our conduct in the world?)

Is it possible for Americans to agree on a basic American nature? Politicians of all stripes invoke common language but bend it to partisan use -- but what lies beneath the polarized deadlock? Are incompatible conceptions vying for power, is "mine", be it left or right, simply different from "yours?" Or do political factions neglect the common identity for their parochial interests -- are we just trapped trying to overcome each other? Can factions learn to acknowledge their commonality -- or can non-conciliable rivals cobble together a working compromise?

On Sunday, July 28th from 1-3pm, we will meet in Wilton at the home of Bas Nabulsi (address provided to ticket purchasers). The purpose, as usual, is to socialize and discuss a timely global affairs issue. Beverages and hors d'oeuvres will be available beginning at 1:00pm. The discussion will begin promptly at 2pm and conclude by 3:00pm.

As always this is a 'no homework' event, but optional reading materials will be made available for registrants.

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